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Riccione is very popular not only for its beach but also for the countless entertainment possibilities: amusement parks, beautiful local shops for shopping, many places of historical and cultural interest, etc…

Oltremare is a naturalistic theme park located on the hill of Riccione. It shows the flora and fauna life on land, in water and in the sky. The most important section is the one dedicated to the marine environment, where you will find the magnificent “Dolphin Lagoon”. The park offers several performances, including the ” Dolphins Show” and the “Birds of prey’s Flight”.

Aquafan is a very large, famous and appreciated water park, close to the “Oltremare park” in Riccione. Here you will find lots of pools and water-slides, both for adults and children. Numerous attractions, many entertainment shows, music, and dining venues. It’s really fantastic and you don’t have to miss it!

AQUARIUM “LE NAVI” in Cattolica
The Aquarium “Le Navi” in the nearby town of Cattolica is the largest on the Adriatic coast and the second in Italy. Here you can see bull sharks that are more than 3 meters long. The other main attractions are: the penguins, otters, jellyfish, piranhas and tropical fish..

This fabulous park is dedicated to the smallest children and it’s located in Rivazzura (a fraction of Rimini), close to the Adriatic highway, km. 6.5 from Riccione. Attractions and shows are inspired by the most famous fairy tales. It consists of 4 sections: Medieval area, Eastern area, Bay of Peter Pan / Pirate and the Far West. The park has a circular shape and is developed around a beautiful lake.

Italia in Miniatura is a theme park located in Viserba (fraction of Rimini) on the Adriatic highway, 20 miles away from Riccione. It shows many scale reproductions of monuments, churches, palaces, places and squares throughout Italy. There are many mechanical and electric attractions and a monorail train on (6 meters tall) to admire the park from the top. Small area dedicated to Europe in miniature.

Mirabilandia is a large amusement park located in Savio (fraction of Ravenna), 65 kilometers from Riccione. Here you will find: thrilling roller coaster, lots of games for children and adults, divers and stunt shows and music shows an area with swimming pools, water slides and artificial beaches. The most beautiful amusement park in Romagna.

The Safari Ravenna, located in front of Wonderland, is a wildlife park that allows you to see up close and barrier-free more than 450 animals of 40 different species. In its 45 hectares you can find lions, tigers, giraffes, zebras, hippos, buffaloes, camels, ostriches, llamas, antelope, elephant and many other species. The 4 km track. can be done at the edge of your car or on a train.

The baths are good for your health and well-being. This establishment offers the latest and most modern treatments and therapies: massage, spa, beauty treatments, thermal Sensory pathways, pools, waterfalls, whirlpools, revitalizing hydro-paths etc …

The bustling town of Rimini (in km. Riccione 14) is a place full of history where you can visit several monuments of the Roman era (for example, Tiberius Bridge, the Arch of Augustus, the Amphitheatre and the Surgeon ) and medieval era (for es.Castel and Sigismondo Malatesta Temple). The town offers numerous dancing-clubs and bars and many places of entertainment for all ages.

The Republic of San Marino is the oldest republic in Europe, it is located on Titano Mount , 700 meters above the sea level, 29 km. far from Riccione. It was founded in 301 d. C. by Marino, who created a small Christian community. San Marino has three famous strongholds, which are built on the highest point of the mount. The ancient republic offers many other attractions: monuments, churches and the beautiful Basilica, museums, souvenir shops, philately and numismatics centres, medieval-style restaurants…

The city of Gradara, where lies the castle with the same name, stands on a hill 142 meters above sea level, (km 15 from Riccione). This ancient city was dominated by the Malatesta Seignory in medieval times. The castle is well known also for the tragedy of Paolo and Francesca. We recommend to visit the historical museum, which prepares the instruments of torture and medieval weapons.

The village of San Leo is located 583 meters above the sea level (km. 45 from Riccione) in the Val Marecchia (SS 258) on a huge boulder. On the highest point of the spur rises the impregnable medieval fortress where was imprisoned the popular and ambiguous alchemist Count of Cagliostro.

Ravenna is an ancient city, rich in history and culture. It is located 74 km. away from Riccione. This beautiful city was part of the Western Roman Empire (402-403), then of the Goths K ingdom under Theodoric (493-526) and it was ruled in the Byzantine Empire (553-751), has a large number of monuments and places of interest, including marvellous mosaics of the Byzantine period. Eight important monuments and buildings are considered World Heritage by UNESCO for their own universal value!

The city of Urbino, who was one of the major centres of the Italian Renaissance and it is just 54 km. away from Riccione. Its historic centre with the Doge’s Palace was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1998.

FRASASSI CAVES ( Grotte di Frasassi )
“Frasassi Caves” are underground carsic caves, with a length of over 13 km and they are located in the province of Ancona (km 125 away from Riccione). They were discovered in September 1971. Inside them you can admire the natural sculptures formed by layers of limestone over millions of years thanks to water work on the rocks. Very impressive and not to be missed!

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